Challenge: GoNuts Goggle Run!

            • GoNuts Goggle Run!

              Brace yourself for the Goggle Run at the FPV Drone Fest, an electrifying test of agility, precision, and quick decision-making. Participants navigate an immersive racecourse with a twist – swag bags filled with mysterious surprises, but grabbing one ends your race. As the game progresses, the tension escalates. Stay sharp, stay vigilant, and outpace the competition. Put on your goggles and dive into the thrill of the Goggle Run. Time to Go Nuts!

              Here are the rules for the GoNuts Goggle Run:


              • All players must line up and put on their goggles, ensuring that they are in audience mode (viewing channel to be given on the day).


              • Drones will fly around the course to give players a view of the course via their goggles. This is the only way players will be able to see and navigate the course.


              • At the end of the course, there will be a bucket full of props. Each player must collect one of these props to move onto the next round.


              • Each round will have fewer props than the previous round, and players will be eliminated at the end of each round that do not have a prop.


              • There will be five rounds in total, with the first round having all players take part and the final round having only three players.


              • During play, there will be two swag bags hidden along the course, one with a prize and the other with a booby prize. If a player decides to collect the prize, they will not be able to move onto the next round, and the game will be over for them.


              • Unclaimed swag bags will be added to the next round’s swag bag.


              • All players must always wear their goggles and keep their hands out to the front. Players who touch their goggles after the round has started will be sent back to the start.


              • Marshalls will be present to ensure that the rules are followed.


              • The game will continue until there are only three players left, who will compete in the final round to determine the winner.


              • The winner of the game will be the player who makes it to the finish line first in the final round.


              • Any disputes or rule violations will be settled by the Marshalls, and their decision will be final.


              Have fun and Go Nuts!