Challenge: Organiser Trick Streak Challenge

After watching you rule the skies, it’s time for our organisers to step into the spotlight and potentially score you some fantastic prizes in our Mega Organiser Trick Streak – the ultimate Game of Kwad Showdown!

Challenge Rules:

  1. Five pre-selected organisers will gear up, take flight, and have a list of 15 tricks to pull off. The game is on to complete all tricks in the fastest time possible.
  2. But this is no ordinary showdown. With each round, the tricks will become progressively more challenging, and each one must be nailed on the first attempt.
  3. If a trick is failed, the organiser will earn a Letter as per the rules of the Game of Kwad. If all Letters are exhausted, it’s game over man!
  4. The winner will be determined by either completing all tricks in the quickest time or by being the pilot who manages the most tricks before all pilots are out.


But that’s not all! Once the game concludes and the rankings of all five organisers are finalised, it’s time for you to stand a chance to win some truly Epic prizes.

We will draw five pilot ticket numbers. If your ticket number is pulled, you will receive the prize corresponding to that place, starting from the 5th place and working our way up to the 1st. With each draw, the prizes will escalate, getting more exciting as we move up the ranks!

However, your presence is mandatory for this high-octane showdown. If your ticket number is drawn and you are not there to claim it, we will pick another number, and you will lose your chance at the prize.

Witness the ultimate aerial trick spectacle and get a shot at winning some phenomenal SWAG with our Organiser Trick Streak Challenge!