Challenge: Pitstop Prop

Ever misplaced that crucial prop tool when you needed it most? Well, this is one time you can’t afford to! Do you possess the KV’s in your wrist action to outpace your fellow pilots? It’s time to prove yourself and see if you have what it takes to master the ultimate prop-swapping showdown! 

Get ready for the adrenaline-rushing, nerve-wracking, speed-defining challenge of the festival – the PITSTOP PROP CHALLENGE!

Challenge Rules:

  1. At the start, you’ll be provided with a mock-up drone, four new props, and a prop tool, all set up on the table.
  2. The clock starts ticking the moment you begin. Your task is to remove all four props from the drone and replace them with the fresh ones.
  3. Ensure all prop nuts are tightened securely, and the new props do not spin freely from the motors.
  4. You can proceed in any order you prefer, as long as all four motors are fitted with the new props by the end.
  5. Time halts as soon as you place the drone and the prop tool back on the table.
  6. You’ll get only one chance per day to beat the clock in this challenge, with the overall winner being announced at the end of the event.

Up for grabs is the ultimate prize: a high-quality Torvol Pitstop Pro backpack! Not to be outdone, second and third places will also walk away with a handy Torvol LiPo bag and additional goodies. Get ready to showcase your speed and precision in the thrilling Pitstop Prop Challenge!