Don’t Forget Ya List

  1.  Flying at the festival
    • Multiple FPV drones: You may crash one and you don’t want to be left without a drone.
    • Spare parts (propellers, batteries, motor, ESCs, flight controller): In case of any drone mishaps or crashes.
    • Tools for drone repair: Screwdriver, Allen keys, pliers, soldering iron, solder, and heat shrink.
    • FPV goggles: Don’t forget the antennas and batteries.
    • Transmitter: Fully charged with spare batteries if needed.
    • LiPo battery charger and plenty of LiPo batteries.
    • Fireproof LiPo bags: Safety first!
    • Laptop or tablet: for last-minute tuning or troubleshooting.
    • SD cards: For recording your flights.
  2. Camping at the festival
    • Tent or campervan: Double check that you have all the necessary parts.
    • Sleeping bag, pillow, and air mattress or camping mat.
    • Camping chairs and table.
    • Tourch or headlamp with extra batteries.
    • Portable battery or solar charger: To keep your devices charged.
    • Clothing suitable for the weather: Remember to pack enough for the weekend, including a waterproof jacket just in case.
    • Personal items: Such as toiletries, sunscreen, bug repellent, and first aid kit.
  3. Eating at the festival
    • BBQ grill and necessary tools.
    • Fuel for your BBQ: Charcoal or propane depending on your grill.
    • Non-perishable food: In case you want to cook your own food or need snacks.
    • Cooler with ice: To keep perishables and drinks cold.
    • Cooking utensils: Such as a pot, pan, cooking spoon, etc.
    • Plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery.
    • Napkins and trash bags: To keep your camping area clean.
    • Water bottles: Stay hydrated!
    • Food and snacks: If you have any dietary requirements or preferences, it might be good to bring your own food.
  4. Getting to and in the event and going home
    • Tickets: Don’t forget your festival tickets.
    • Cash and cards: For any purchases at the festival.
    • Direction & GPS coordinates.
    • Vehicle essentials: Fuel, jumper cables, etc.
    • Phone and charger.
    • GPS or smartphone: For navigation.