Rules, Rules, Rules

          1. Pre-flight Checks: Treat your drone like it’s on its maiden Rip. Make sure your props are spinning right, the correct model is selected on your radio, and your battery is strapped in like a Naked GoPro on its first flight. Don’t forget to hit record, or you’ll miss that Juicy pack!
    • Aircraft Arming: Arm your drone on the flight line, only when you’re ready to buzz the tower. Always aim away from the flight line, as if your drone is a rebellious teenager giving you the silent treatment. Yell “Plugging in!” like a DJ announcing his next sick beat.
          1. Communication: Don’t leave your fellow pilots in the dark; if you’re taking off, landing, or running into issues, let them know. And remember, talking to your drone doesn’t count unless it’s voice-activated!
          2. Controlled Flying: Keep your flights within your skill level, just like your drone’s altitude is within its battery level. Don’t attempt complicated manoeuvres unless you’re as confident as a drone with full GPS lock.
    • Respect Flight Boundaries: Stay within designated flight paths like your drone’s GPS home point. Don’t dare fly over spectators or unauthorized areas. Alpha’s watching, and he’s got more eyes than a swarm of drones!
          1. Emergency Procedures: If your drone gets a mind of its own, execute your fail-safe faster than a drone escaping a hawk. Announce it to your flight line friends; this isn’t the time for stealth mode!
    • Landing: Land in the designated spots as if you’re playing real-life landing pad hopscotch. Once you touch down, disarm your drone, and unplug your battery like defusing a bomb.
    • Post-Flight: Once you’ve landed, clear the flight line faster than zipping through an FPV race. Powering up your video transmitter or messing with other pilots is a no-go. Don’t be that guy; nobody likes that guy!
          1. Respect Other Pilots: Give your fellow pilots their turn and space on the flight line, At FPV Drone Fest, “Share the Air” is our mantra!
    • Follow Event Rules: Follow event instructions to the letter, like an Inspire following it a flight plan. If you disregard the rules, you might find yourself packing up quicker than a set of foldable propellers.
        1. Transmitter Protocol: The transmitter reigns supreme – it’s not only the brains behind your drone, but it also dictates your position in the queue. However, beware! If you’re off for a ‘nature call’ when it’s your turn, then it’s “To the back of the line, Pilot!”
        2. Broken Props and Lipo Disposal: All fallen soldiers, I mean, broken props, belong in the Prop Mausoleum (aka, the prop bin) on the flight lines. The same goes for exhausted Lipos, they retire to the Lipo Retirement Home (you guessed it, the Lipo bin). Who knew waste management could be so drone-tastic!
        3. Channel Etiquette: No channel surfing while flightlines are open! It’s like a surfer trying to catch waves during a storm. There’ll be designated times for this but they’re as rare as a drone sighting at night. So, make them count!

        1. When in Doubt, Shout Out: If you’re as lost as a drone without GPS, don’t hesitate to ask. We’re a community, not a competition. So, if you’re unsure about something, it’s always better to ask. Remember, there’s no such thing as a dumb question, only a Pilot that flew off without waiting for the answer!

    And remember, at these events’ safety is more important than capturing the perfect drone shot. Always consider the wellbeing of yourself and others on the flight line. Happy, safe flying!