The FPV Drone Fest Prize Giveaways

          • The FPV Drone Fest Prize Giveaway
            Get ready for the exhilarating FPV Drone Fest’s Prize Giveaway on Saturday night at 7:30 PM! Open exclusively to all our pilot ticket holders, this event is your golden opportunity to win some fabulous FPV drone-related products from our generous sponsors. Here’s the twist – we draw your name, then draw your prize. But remember, once you’ve claimed your prize, your name leaves the game, making sure everyone gets a fair chance to win. And for those lucky winners not present at the draw, fear not! Your prize will be set aside for collection. Just make sure you claim it within a week, or it will be forfeited to the FPV gods. Dive into the thrill, embrace the suspense, and get ready to claim some fantastic drone gear at the FPV Drone Fest!
            The Rules:


            Eligibility: The prize giveaway is open to all FPV Drone Fest pilot ticket holders.
            Giveaway Start Time: The prize giveaway will commence at 7:30 PM on Saturday. Participants should ensure they are present at the event at this time.
            Prize Draw Procedure: The winner’s name will be chosen randomly from all eligible entrants. Upon a name being drawn, the prize that they win will also be chosen randomly.
            Claiming Prizes: Winners must be present at the festival to claim their prize. If a winner is not present at the time their name is drawn, their prize will be set aside for collection. All prizes must be claimed within one week of the festival. Unclaimed prizes will be forfeited and ceremoniously given as a sacrifice to the FPV gods.
            Prizes: All prizes are FPV products generously sponsored by our partners. These range from Action cameras to a set of props. The specifics of each prize will be announced at the time of drawing.
            Multiple Entries: Each pilot ticket holder is entered into the draw once. Once a participant has won a prize, their name will be removed from the draw, ensuring that each participant can only win once.
            Dispute Resolution: In case of any disputes, the decision of the FPV Drone Fest organizers shall be final and binding.
            Acceptance of Rules: By participating in this prize giveaway, participants signify their acceptance of these rules and regulations.