The Supafly Sweepstakes

Step into the FPV Drone Fest with the Supafly Sweepstakes! Stand a chance every day to take home an ultra-solid Supafly 5-Inch frame with TPU parts! Your festival ticket isn’t just an entry pass; it’s your passport to this exciting opportunity.

Sweepstakes Rules:

  1. Your ticket number is your winning charm. The more festival days you attend, the higher your chances to win!
  2. Holders of 3-day tickets get 3 entries per day, 2-day ticket holders have 2 entries, and 1-day ticket holders get a single entry per day.
  3. The Supafly Sweepstakes happens daily. If your number is drawn, you become the proud owner of the Supafly 5inch Carbon Frame with TPU parts.
  4. Remember to claim your prize the same day; otherwise, it rolls over to the next day, and you forfeit your win.

Your festival ticket could be your ticket to winning this amazing, freestyle-loving Supafly 5 -Inch Frame. Amp up the festival vibe and get ready for the Supafly Sweepstakes – it’s more than a game; it’s your chance to fly Supafly!